RegimA Peel and Heal 

RegimA’s Peel and Heal is a Natural Chemical Peel, that it, they are made from Plant and Flower chemicals. RegimA does not use any harmful chemicals within their peels or home-based skin care products. 

One starts the process by removing the outer layer of the skin. This is the layer that gives us wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, age spots – everything that retards rejuvenation. The ‘Peel & Heal’ successfully, and very safely, works gradually through the outer dead layer and down to the basal living layer. It stimulates collagen production, re-elasticizing and rejuvenating even the most damaged, scarred, sun damaged or ageing skins. 

What will the “Peel & Heal” Feel like and why? 

The potent alpha-hydroxy acids (fruit acids) have a low pH (they are acidic). This is partly how we are able to penetrate the skin and work gradually down to that all important living layer. Being very acidic it is successful in destroying bacteria on the skin providing an essential ‘acid mantle’, rendering it perfect for problem skins. There is no risk of cross infection. Because of the acidity there will be a degree of stinging. Dependent on the condition of the skin, on application one experiences a stinging / tingling sensation and itchiness. This occurs mainly during the first 5 minutes following application, but mostly one feels itchiness. If the skin is extremely dry and in desperate need of exfoliation, then one can experience more intense stinging. The peel is generally easily tolerated and during the treatment the skin care professional will massage RegimA Laser Gel onto the treated area to relieve any stinging or itchiness. This, will in no way affect the efficacy of the peel, it just provides a mild ‘anaesthetic’ effect. These symptoms subside during the procedure. It does not mean that every peel will feel the same. 

Action / Benefits: 

  • Smoothes wrinkles and improves sun-damaged skin; 

  • Rejuvenates, regenerates; 

  • Removes solar keratoses ‘sun spots’, ‘age spots’, ‘liver spots’; 

  • Repairs and elasticises thin, fragile, damaged skins; 

  • Helps eliminate and control pigmentation, restoring normal colour; 

  • Helps uneven skin tone, smoothes uneven texture; 

  • Helps eliminate and control active acne and improves old acne scarring; 

  • Helps level and smooth coarse, lumpy, hypertrophic and keloid scars; 

  • Improves flexibility and mobility of hard, scarred skin; 

  • In certain cases improves function of old scarred areas on the face and body; 

  • Helps normalize pigmented or blemished areas following – Laser or Liquid Nitrogen treatment; 

  • Removes years of damage on even the most sensitive skins; 

  • Clearing and tightening of pores. 


A Chemical Skin Peel:?What is it, how does it work and is it right for you? 

The chemical peel is one of the most honest skincare treatments around. It doesn’t hide behind fancy name. It is what it says: a chemical solution that harnesses your body’s natural processes of renewal, which can largely be summed up as “discard old skin cells to make space for new ones.” In other words it causes the skin to peel so that the new skin can grow in its place. 

The idea of peeling away small amounts of skin might sound scary initially, but chemical peels are one of the most common treatments for correcting skin and achieving visible results – especially in winter, when skin needs a bit of a lift – simply because they have proven so very effective in rectifying damage and renewing skin. 

How do chemical peels work? 

To understand the science behind peels, what conditions they can help alleviate and to be able to make informed decision, it’s best to start at the beginning: how renewal naturally happens in the skin. Different chemical types have their own properties, but generally, chemical peel acids penetrate the skin and break the bonds between the layers of skin, so the top layers will start peeling off. The type of peel, its concentration and the exact chemical composition will determine how deep it penetrates (and thus how deep the peel is). Always, but always have a peel done by your expertly trained and trusted skincare therapist. You’ll go for assessment first, as one specific peel or combination peels and concentrations might be best for your individual skin. Your therapist will know just what’s right for you. 

The purpose of chemical Peels 

  • Erase imperfections 

  • Remove damaged skin 

  • Improve skin tone and texture 

  • Allow new skin to grow 


What conditions are treated with chemical peels? 

Chemical Peels are used to treat: 

  • Acne 

  • Ageing 

  • Hyper-pigmentation 

But they are also great for: 

  • Firming and tightening 

  • Rejuvenation 

  • Resurfacing of skin 

  • Improving complexion 

  • Stimulating healthy new tissue growth 


Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does a treatment take? 

The peel itself is usually no longer than five minutes. But there is usually prepping and care involved, so bank on  at least 15 minutes. 

What does it feel like? 

It depends on the product used. Alpha and Beta peels cause only some tingling, while a TCA peel is slightly more intense. Any discomfort subsides after a minute or two, though. 

What about after the treatment? 

On average, with Alpha and Beta peels, your skin will look youthful and glowing. It may be a little red, but that will subside very quickly. With a TCA peel, some recovery time will be needed. 

How long do the results last? 

With proper home care, months or even years. 

What to expect when considering a skin peel 

Now that we have wrapped our heads around what chemical peels are and what they are used for, it’s important to note that, if you want to give your skin a bit of a pick-me-up, your first port of call should be your trusted skincare therapist. 

  1. Your therapist will do an assessment beforehand, and make recommendations based on your skin and your requirements. 

  2. More than one type of peel may be required to achieve results. 

  3. A home-care and post-treatment regimen will be recommended for optimal results. 

  4. Note that a chemical peel is not a once-off fix: several treatments over an extended period of time may be needed to achieve results safely. 

  5. The peel is only part of the treatment: the entire treatment includes a whole array of products to prep and boost your skin. 

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